North Creek Nurseries Is A 2014 Finalist For Operation Of The Year

Steve Castorani, owner of North Creek Nurseries

Steve Castorani, owner of North Creek Nurseries

North Creek Nurseries’ commitment to finding innovative and environmentally conscious ways to grow quality plants through sustainable practices echoes through its entire operation. A wholesale propagator of perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, vines and shrubs, North Creek’s unique plant palette and research-driven sales approach offers growers garden-worthy plants that stand the test of time.

Extensive trial and demonstration gardens blanket the Landenburg, Pa., facility, creating a living laboratory where staff, customers and industry professionals can evaluate the landscape performance of potential plant introductions. These environments of continual learning include a green roof, living walls, rain gardens, bioswales and a densely vegetated storm water management system, in addition to its side-by-side sun and shade comparison trials.

North Creek Nurseries is a SITES compliant grower under The American Society of Landscape Architects’ Sustainable Sites Initiative, which promotes sustainable land design, construction and maintenance practices. Sustainable growing practices at North Creek focus on sustainable soil amendments, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and recycling waste and organic matter, all while reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and irrigation runoff.

In 2010, North Creek integrated a lean flow process into its shipping facility that continues to pay huge dividends. Now, it is developing and implementing an internal lean management program through the entire operation to identify areas where workers can cut waste and shrink overhead.

Another major project is the building of a new state-of-the-art production facility. Among other modern amenities, the energy-efficient building will include a seed germination area, a seeding and sticking line and an energy curtain, as well as a boom irrigation system. North Creek eagerly anticipates this next chapter of growing reliable liners for the industry.

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