Two Ways To Show Your Staff Members How Important They Are To Your Operation

GroweroftheYearWhen we here at Greenhouse Grower interview growers for articles, over and over again we hear that what sets one greenhouse operation apart from the rest are the hardworking employees that contribute to the success of the company. Here are two ways to formally show your appreciation and thank your staff, co-workers and company leadership.

1. Nominate your head grower for Greenhouse Grower’s Head Grower Of The Year Award. Tell us about the head growers who exemplify modern, high-quality production practices, embrace technology and innovation, lead, motivate and mentor others on staff, make valuable contributions to the operation’s management team and are actively engaged in the industry.

2. Nominate your greenhouse for Greenhouse Grower’s Operation Of The Year Award. We are looking for greenhouse businesses that have exhibited excellence in all facets of their operations and serve as examples for the nation’s growers. Is your operation strong in customer service, demonstrating community and industry leadership? We want to hear about it!

Click here to nominate a head grower or an operation for Greenhouse Grower’s Head Grower Of The Year and Operation Of The Year Awards.

Greenhouse Grower thanks the Grower Of The Year Awards program sponsor: BASF.

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