A Last-Minute Holiday Gift Option

A Last-Minute Holiday Gift Option

The American Florists’ Exchange and Los Angeles Flower Market recently published a book titled, “Sending Flowers to America: Stories of the Los Angeles Flower Market and the People Who Built an American Floral Industry.” The book retails at $64.95 and tells the tales of a few industry families.

The Ecke family is among those featured, and the book is broken into chapters that tell the American floral industry’s story in chronological order. “Sending Flowers to America” contains 288 pages and more than 350 photos.

“We are very pleased to present this archival quality record of the milestones in our history,” says Johnny Mellano, manager of the Los Angeles Flower Market and a grower whose family story is among those featured in the book. “These stories have been passed down to us through generations. It’s time we record them for those who follow in our footsteps and those across America who trade with California farmers and wholesalers and the Los Angeles Flower Market.”

For more information on “Sending Flowers to America,” visit www.flowermarkethistory.com.

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