Dos Gringos Certified Sustainable By VeriFlora

Dos Gringos Certified Sustainable By VeriFlora

Dos Gringos Certified Sustainable By VeriFlora

Dos Gringos, a fresh-cut flower and foliage grower, bouquet maker and floral products shipper headquartered in Vista, Calif., is the most recent grower to earn sustainability certification through the VeriFlora program. According to Joan Saunders, manager of executive services at Dos Gringos, the company’s wholesale customers were asking for certification.


“Our new VeriFlora Certified Bouquet Collection is really starting to resonate with customers and retailers,” Saunders says. “Our clients were asking for this, and now we have custom-printed sleeves for the certified flowers.”

René van Rems, a designer and educator who steers plans for production at Dos Gringos, says certification makes sense for the company because it’s worked toward integrating sustainable practices into day-to-day operations for years.

“The creative side of floral is one element, but it’s gratifying to see the sustainabilty objectives that many of us have worked toward integrated in the VeriFlora program,” says van Rems, who is also production director emeritus of the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC). “Leading producers in the world are taking responsibility, and taking action speaks louder than words.”

One key component of VeriFlora certification is quality control, and cold-chain management practices are required for floral handlers certified through VeriFlora. Scientific Certification Systems, which grants VeriFlora certification, found cold-chain management practices at Dos Gringos met its requirements. According to SCS, the company’s automated temperature-controlled production and storage areas, wet-pack automation lines and direct cold-load shipping all contribute to the production and delivery of quality flowers.

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