January 2012 Online Exclusives

January 2012 Online Exclusives

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4 Tips For Using CRF In the Greenhouse
Follow these tips to effectively implement controlled-release fertilizers in the greenhouse.

Lloyd Traven On Retailer Relationships & Marketing Directly To Consumers
Two questions with Peace Tree Farm’s Lloyd Traven following the Perspective Q&A in Greenhouse Grower’s January 2012 issue.

Academic Team Dedicated To Sustainability Research
A look at the Floriculture Sustainability Research Coalition, yet another research group worth supporting and some of the projects they’re working on.

Boost Your Bottom Line In Production
Our Operation of the Year finalists share how they’ve boosted their bottom lines and how your business can follow suit.

Boost Your Bottom Line In Labor
Our Operation of the Year finalists share how they are addressing health care costs and managing labor.

Beneficial Nematodes: Exploring Their Role & Value
Becker Underwood’s Julie Graesch shares how beneficial nematodes work and why growers should consider using them in the greenhouse.

The Pests Nematodes Target
A list of insect pests beneficial nematodes attack and provide control over.

Equipment & Automation: Who Has What?
What percentage of growers have soil mixers? Label and tagging equipment? A hanging basket system? We surveyed growers about their equipment and automation and break down the results.

Labor-Saving Equipment: What’s A Must Have?
More than 100 growers weigh in on the equipment and automation they consider to be their operation’s top labor savers.

Your 2012 Sales Expectations
What is your sales forecast for 2012? Growers shared their expectations with us and which factors will be most important to their success in the new year.

A Look Back On 2011 Sales
We recently surveyed more than 100 growers about their 2011 sales performances. And despite horrific weather this past spring, more than half of the growers surveyed say their sales improved over the previous year.

State Of The Industry 2012: An Overview
Highlights from our year-end grower survey on the state of the greenhouse industry.

Independents Hold As Much Promise – Or More – As Big Boxes For Growers
Independents are the place to be the next five years and growers shouldn’t write them off as profitable business partners, says GG columnist and industry analyst Jerry Montgomery.