March 2011 More Online

March 2011 More Online 


Slideshow: LiveRoof Green Roofs
Check out seven buildings across the Midwest with green roofs installed from LiveRoof.

We rounded up a slew of green roof photos and present some of the most interesting ones in this slideshow.


Five Green Roof Questions With Twixwood’s Mike Edelbach
Mike Edelbach, the operations manager at Twixwood Nursery in Berrien Springs, Mich., discusses the modular green roof system his business developed and the various hurdles Twixwood had to clear before becoming a green roof player.

Four Green Roof Questions With PSU’s Robert Berghage
Robert Berghage, an associate professor at Penn State University who plays a leading role at the Penn State Center for Green Roof Research, discusses the opportunities growers have in green roofs.

Berger Shaped By Consistent Quality, Responsible Peatland Management
Berger Peat Moss culminated the pursuit of yet another standard last November–VeriFlora’s standard for responsible peatland management–making the company the North American peat producer whose product meets standards for both ISO and Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

Fresh Air Forum: Rice Hulls Versus Perlite
Has anyone in the group substituted the pasturized rice hulls for Perlite in their soiless mix? I am curious if the product works as advertised and what price you are paying vs Perlite. Any cultural problems amending with the rice hulls?

FloriCAST: How PGRs Make You Money
Space efficiency savings can equal additional cost savings when using PGRs. Do the math with Brian Whipker in this episode of FloriCAST.

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