February 20, 2013

Green Circle Turns Focus Back To Production As Fire Recovery Begins

After an early-evening fire that took firefighters 10 hours to extinguish, Green Circle Growers is already moving into recovery mode, making alternative plans for production and thanking the community for its support. “We strategically built our greenhouse and production facilities to minimize the impact of events like this,” says Scott Giesbrecht, co-owner and VP of sales at Green Circle. “In addition to having alternative production areas in other parts of the facility, we have great relationships with other greenhouses throughout the country if the need arises to have plants grown for us to satisfy our customers’ demands. This fire, while a significant event, only impacted 5 percent of the growing space we use, and we are already working on preparations to repair this area.” The 600-employee operation grows indoor and outdoor plants under 105 acres of greenhouse in Oberlin, Ohio. In a statement from Green Circle, Giesbrecht expressed concern for […]

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