Grower Tool: Big Green Book

Northwest Horticulture has released a 136-page reference book titled the Big Green Book, a catalog of information and suggestions to help growers succeed in the greenhouse and nursery. 

The book has information on quality cuttings, plugs and field-grown liners, but it also details programs growers can use for their perennials, roses and ornamental grasses. 

“At Northwest Horticulture, we are committed to bringing our customers the quality, capacity and performance they’ve come to expect from our company,” says Richard Gigot, director of sales and marketing. “The Big Green Book is one more way in which we demonstrate our commitment to providing information our customers need to have a competitive edge.” 

The book includes details on Northwest Horticulture’s product lines, a selection guide for choosing the right varieties and colors, a theme guide listing plants for uses such as butterfly gardens, a planning matrix and much more. 

For additional information, contact Peggy Shaw at or call (800) 459-3142.

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