Looking For Uniform Watering?

Looking For Uniform Watering?

Netafim USA recently added a new product, the VibroNet sprinkler and mister to its greenhouse and nursery line.

According to Netafim, growers who are hand watering bedding plants can reduce their labor costs and free more management time by installing a greenhouse sprinkler system. No other sprinkler system combines ease of design with drip-less sprinkler operation and high uniformity to produce a higher crop value with less input costs.

The VibroNet sprinkler is ideal for watering single benches 4 to 6 feet wide, and its recommended placement is 2 to 5 feet above the crop.

The VibroNet mister is ideal when a light mist is needed for watering, germinating or propagating. Mister spacings are recommended between 3 and 5 feet to achieve uniformity, and misters can be used upright or upside down. 

Both the VibroNet sprinkler and mister are made from plastics with excellent Ultra-Violet (UV) resistance. All parts can be assembled and disassembled in the greenhouse without tools. Each assembly contains a check valve which prevents the supply line from draining onto the plants below after shutdown and provides instantaneous on-off for accurate short cycle watering and misting.

For more information on the VibroNet sprinkler and mister, go to NetafimUSA.com.

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