Mercer Botanicals Now VeriFlora Certified

Mercer Botanicals Now VeriFlora Certified

Mercer Botanicals, a tropicals grower featured on our January 2008 cover, is among the latest greenhouse growers to earn sustainability certification through VeriFlora.

Last January, we wrote how Mercer Botanicals adopted the Southern Nursery Association’s Best Management Practices as a guide for environmentally sound growing.

“We have committed to minimizing nitrate runoff by using both controlled release and liquid feed fertilizer in order to maintain an ideal EC and pH in our crops,” Co-owner Wayne Mercer said at the time. “Our feed schedule uses minimal pounds per yard of slow-release feed in 100 percent peat mix with supplemental liquid feeds only as required. We irrigate through low-volume heads with 85 percent plus uniformity.”

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) recognized Mercer Botanicals for those practices, among others. Five acres of the 50-acre nursery, for example, contain ponds that capture 100 percent of rainwater from Florida’s summer storms, and it operates by an integrated pest management program.

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