OFA Monitors Sustainability Standards

OFA is making sure our industry isn’t asleep during talks surrounding the establishment of national standards for sustainable agriculture.

Last week the Leonardo Academy and Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) co-hosted a meeting to start soliciting stakeholder input on SCS-drafted language to create a national standard for producers and handlers (including retailers) who want to make a claim of engaging in sustainable agriculture (includes ALL crops, including floriculture and produce) practices, OFA reports.

The intent of SCS is to get these draft standards adopted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) no later than April 2010.

While OFA, in conjunction with other national associations, will make every effort to represent our industry’s interests in these discussions because these standards may have a direct impact on how we operate in the future, it is vital that our entire community be aware and directly engaged to ensure that appropriate positions are taken.

OFA has created a Web site to keep our industry’s stakeholders informed and up to date. Learn more at www.ofa.org/standards.

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