Online Only: Top 25 Young Plant Growers Survey Results

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Have you been forced to adjust the way you manage your business to accommodate later orders and commitments?

Yes: 73.3 percent
No: 26.7 percent

How has recent consolidation at the breeder level affected your business?

Positively: 17.6 percent
Negatively: 11.8 percent
No impact: 70.6 percent

How do your breeder and broker relationships influence the varieties you propagate?

They decide what we grow: 0
We decide what we grow: 43.8 percent
A combination of both: 56.3 percent

How do you view global consolidation of breeding and distribution channels?

Good for the industry: 6.3 percent
Necessary: 18.8 percent
Bad for the industry: 31.3 percent
No opinion: 43.8 percent

Do you anticipate future consolidation among plug and liner growers/production?

Yes: 31.3 percent
No: 12.5 percent
I don’t know: 56.3 percent

Should there be more consolidation at the broker level?

Yes: 31.3 percent
No: 50 percent
I don’t know: 18.8 percent

Do you prefer breeders to remain independent or be vertically integrated with brokerage companies?

Remain independent: 62.5 percent
Vertically integrated: 12.5 percent
Not sure: 25 percent

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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