Styer Joining Costa’s Total Growth Solutions

Styer Joining Costa's Total Growth Solutions

After decades as a horticulture consultant, Roger Styer is joining Total Growth Solutions (TGS), a subsidiary of Costa Farms, as general manager of the young plant production company.

Styer brings years of expertise in growing, production and technical support. He will start in January.

“We’re excited that Roger Styer is coming on board as lead manager of TGS,” says L J Contillo, vice president of operations for Costa Color. “He’s a nationally recognized name in the industry, with a Ph.D. and horticulture consulting background that we’ve been fortunate to tap over the years, starting with our color division.

“Roger personally knows and has worked with numerous young plant and finished plant growers. He brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience that will help the sales team and technical support in bringing quality young plants to growers faster.”

Contillo says TGS has advantages as a young plant grower in four areas: 1) its prime southern location; 2) its research and development; 3) comprehensive IT solutions; and 4) its logistical team.

“We were fortunate to have him work with us in the past to develop young and finished plants,” Contillo says. “So it’s a natural fit for him to not only guide production of young plants in Florida, but help shape a protocol and procedure system, as well as the personnel office in our Asheville, N.C., facility.”

Total Growth Solutions plans to leverage its top management and TGS advantage to successfully grow the young plant business.

“All of our talented TGS team members have years of experience in the young plant, bedding plant and foliage industry,” Contillo says. “And with Roger Styer at the helm, we know we truly have a dream team.”

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