Sustainable Greenhouse Solutions: New Products

Sustainable Greenhouse Solutions: New Products

Nematode-ally Beneficial
Becker Underwood:
Suited for use in integrated pest management for ground dwelling insects and certain borers, Millenium is a formulation of the naturally occurring insect-parasitic nematode that searches out, enters and controls a wide range of target insects.
Phosphorus-Free Zone
Phosphorus, an element commonly found in established lawns, is actually unnecessary. Excessive amounts of it can cause blue-green algae and pollute local waters. Sta-Green’s new line of phosphorus-free fertilizers for lawns is environmentally friendly.
A Greener Flame
The Go Green candles are made of 100 percent recycled wax and manufactured in an eco-friendly facility. The candles come in four scents and three formats, including a recycled glass-filled container, tealights and a pillar.
Oiler Boiler
Clean Burn:
The new CB-500-CTB is a large capacity used-oil coil tube boiler that can recycle 3.6 gallons of used oil per hour. Designed to recycle oil and produce hot water, the CB-500-CTB can heat an area of more than 12,000 square feet.
Bright Idea
Theoreme Innovation, Inc.:
The TI-SmartBar 1000 LED Grow Light is tested to be equivalent to a 1,000-watt HPS system, but it uses 65 percent less electricity and heat than HPS lights. It is the only water-cooled LED light system available.
Moo Poo Pots
The Liquid Fence Company:
Made of 100 percent renewable composted cow manure by U.S. farmers, the CowPot is free of offensive odor, weeds and pathogens. Once planted, the pots begin breaking down at three to four weeks. They are available in 12-packs or loose in bulk cases.

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