VeriFlora Certifies First Foliage Grower

Delray Plants, ranked 14th on Greenhouse Grower’s Top 100 Growers list this year, became the first potted foliage grower to receive VeriFlora certification–and the second Top 100 Grower certified by VeriFlora in the last few weeks after Floral Plant Growers (FPG) recently earned its own certification.

But unlike Floral Plant Growers, which grows mostly ornamental bedding plants and container perennials, Delray Plants is a potted foliage grower. The Visions Group, an independent business advisory group specializing in the floricultural industry, assisted Delray Plants in its efforts to receive VeriFlora certification.

“Delray Plants has always strived to employ the newest and most effective business and production methods, usually without much fanfare,” says Randy Gilde, co-owner and general manager. “Completing and maintaining the sustainably produced certification allows us to publicly demonstrate the highest level of this commitment to our employees, partners, customers and the industry.”

Besides being the first potted foliage grower to receive VeriFlora certification, Delray Plants is the fifth potted ornamental plant producer in North America to earn it. For more information on Delray Plants, click here.

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