VeriFlora Certifies Second BioWorks Product

VeriFlora Certifies Second BioWorks Product

RootShield Granules became the first product Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) ever certified with the VeriFlora label earlier this summer. Add PlantShield HC, a biological fungicide also from BioWorks, to the list of VeriFlora-certified products.

Like RootShield Granules, PlantShield HC is based on a beneficial hybrid fungus that protects roots, stems and leaves from many pathogens. PlantShield is labeled for indoor and outdoor root disease control on greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals, herbs and vegetables, and can be drenched into the soil for root rot protection or applied as a foliar spray to prevent botrytis and mildews on ornamentals.

BioWorks also recently introduced a new product, RootShield WP, which is a new and improved formulation of PlantShield HC. RootShield WP will not clog drip emitters, drip tape or irrigation booms, and it provides preventative control of major root diseases by growing on roots and protecting them from fungi.

For more information on RootShield or VeriFlora, click the respective link.

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