VeriFlora Program Launched For Retailers

Blooming potted plant and cut flower growers already know a little about VeriFlora. Now, retailers have another reason to know about VeriFlora, too.

Sustainability Certification Systems (SCS), the VeriFlora sustainability certifier for growers, recently launched a program for retailers called the VeriFlora Preferred Retailer Program. The program is now open to garden center retailers and florists interested in promoting their products as VeriFlora certified sustainably grown.

“The VeriFlora Preferred Retail Program provides a new opportunity for retailers who want to proactively demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and differentiate their floral business or garden center,” says Michael Keyes, VeriFlora certification manager at SCS.

In the retail program, SCS will train staff about the environmental, social and quality requirements that must be met by growers and handlers of certified flowers and plants. Once training is completed, stores are advised in the implementation of quality control measures.

Since 2005, the VeriFlora grower program has resulted in the certification of more than 1 billion stems of cut flowers and 300 million potted plants.

For more information on SCS or VeriFlora, visit or Retailers interested in VeriFlora certification are asked to contact Jennifer Watters at 510-452-8054 or by e-mail at

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