Water Treatment Workshop Planned As Alliance Forms

Water treatment is increasingly becoming an issue for growers. But the Water Education Alliance for Horticulture, a partnership of companies and universities, intends to provide information and answers on technologies through its interactive Web site, articles and on-site workshops.

The University of Florida hosts the alliance, which can be found online here. Its next water treatment education workshop is August 20, at Pleasant View Gardens in Loudon, N.H. The workshop will be a daylong event, and those who attend will tour the greenhouse and learn how different technologies can be used to treat water from industry experts. Jim Smith can be contacted for free registration.

“The key to these workshops is turning one operation’s particular situation into a story that many can learn from,” says Paul Fisher, an alliance leader. “We strive to ensure that everyone walks away from an alliance activity–whether the Web site, a workshop or an article–with new knowledge.”

Much of the information on water treatment technologies that has been released so far relates to pools and spas, municipal water supplies or post-harvest crop treatment, Fisher says. Some of those findings are worthwhile to the horticultural industry, but the information is always easily accessible.

The alliance aims to close that knowledge gap.

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