Preventing Rot & Spot

Preventing Rot & Spot

Reduce Labor Costs

Insignia fungicide controls a broad range of ornamental diseases and provides long-term results. Insignia has shown residual control on many ornamental diseases, reducing labor and materials costs. Cygnus fungicide offers economical, effective control of powdery mildew, rusts, scab diseases and leaf spot diseases in greenhouses, retail nurseries, non-residential landscape ornamentals and nursery crops.
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No Tolerance For Pests
Biosafe Systems:

ZeroTol Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide from BioSafe Systems helps greenhouses and nurseries achieve disease control in all phases of production. ZeroTol is EPA approved for killing algae, fungi and spores on plant material, hard surfaces and in water.
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Preventing Root Disease

PlantShield HC, a biological fungicide for root disease prevention in greenhouse, nursery and vegetable crops, prevents pythium, fusarium, rhizoctonia, thielaviopsis and cylindrocladium, reduces control costs — one application lasts 10 to 12 weeks, has a zero hour REI and OMRI listing.
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New Mode Of Action
Cleary Chemical Corporation:

Endorse Fungicide is a new, unique mode of action for disease management. Using a new active ingredient for the U.S. market, Endorse obstructs the production of chitin while inhibiting spore germination and mycelium growth. Endorse provides control of botrytis, powdery mildew and others.
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Biological Control
Natural Industries:

Actino-Iron is a biological fungicide that also contains naturally complexed iron for long-term greening. It can reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fungicides and synthetic iron chelates simultaneously. Actino-Iron is applied by incorporating into soil and attacking diseases like pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium and phytophthora.
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Controlling Root Rot
OHP Inc.:

Terrazole 35% WP, now part of the OHP Inc. family of Prescription Disease Solutions PDSx, is an effective soil fungicide for prevention and control of damping-off, root rot and stem diseases caused by pythium and phytophthora species in ornamental crops.
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Controlling Soilborne Disease

Truban professional-strength fungicide is proven to control pythium and phytophthora. Available in granular and flowable or wettable powder formulations, Truban offers reliable protection and control of soilborne diseases for up to 100 days.
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Blast Away Disease

In the days of “pay-per-scan,” comprehensive disease control is more important than ever. Hurricane fungicide for root protection provides broad-spectrum root rot control to help create beautifully strong plants. Hurricane is a single product with two proven modes of action. It offers effective control of both pythium and rhizoctonia for quality root development.
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