June 12, 2012

Everris’ Peters Excel pHLow Fertilizer Reduces Water Alkalility While Feeding

Everris’ Peters Excel pHLow Water Soluble Fertilizer reduces water’s alkalinity while also feeding plants the nutrients they need to flourish. The new “pHLow” technology (pronounced “flow”) is driven by a patented acidifying component designed as a safe alternative to conventional liquid acids. This unique material provides a pure, non-corrosive, highly soluble, single-source answer to better manage high alkalinity waters. Combined with optimum levels of N-P-K plus the exclusive M-77 package of chelated micronutrients, Everris created Peters Excel pHLow to give growers a water-soluble fertilizer in a convenient, one-bag solution for both nutrition and alkalinity management. High alkalinity water — defined as Types 3 and 4 by the Peters A-B-C Selection System — causes the pH levels in growing media to rise over time. According to Chris Buchheit, Everris’ marketing manager for ornamental horticulture, this situation used to leave growers with few options. They could add liquid acids to their irrigation […]

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November 10, 2011

Agrium Adds To Marketing Team

Agrium Advanced Technologies has added Ron Dekok as North America marketing manager for the company’s turf and ornamental wholesale division. In his new role, Dekok will have responsibility for each of the Polyon and Duration CR controlled-release fertilizer and Precise controlled-release protection product lines in North America. “Ron’s expertise, combined with his experience leading marketing efforts from a distribution perspective, will help us accomplish the upcoming sales goals for the turf and ornamental wholesale division,” says Andrew Mittag, president of Agrium. Learn more about Agrium online at AgriumAT.com.

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October 28, 2011

When A Brand Becomes Your Company’s Identity

Greenhouse Grower recently connected with BioWorks President and CEO Bill Foster to discuss how businesses achieve culture and the challenge of being known in the market largely through one well-regarded product. GG: We heard a lot about "culture" and how BioWorks is actively seeking to change its culture. How exactly is BioWorks going about this change, and what benefits will its employees, customers and the floriculture industry see as a result of this change? BioWorks’ Bill Foster BF: The culture of BioWorks is very important to us; we want to provide employees with a challenging and rewarding environment built on trust and respect for each other and for our customers. The success of BioWorks is dependent on the success our customers have with our products. Our culture embraces our mission of providing environmentally responsible, safe and cost-effective products that meet the long-term needs of the floriculture industry Almost as soon […]

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September 16, 2011

Born, Styer Join Fides Oro

Fides Oro has added two horticultural experts, Judy Born and Roger Styer, to its sales team to provide customers with planting and growing advice for its line of annual, perennial and foliage cuttings. Born spent 10 years at the retail level, followed by 10 years with Milner Greenhouse managing the planning, scheduling and purchasing department. More recently, she was sales manager for Northern Innovators. Born has worked with Fides Oro plants in the greenhouse already. Styer worked for Ball Seed and PanAmerican Seed in research and technical services for 12 years before starting his own horticultural consulting firm, working with growers until late 2010. “With the addition of Judy and Roger we feel we are now positioned to address the needs of our clients even better,” says Reinoud Hagen, Fides Oro commercial manager. “Judy and Roger can help customers with sales support and technical advice. We believe in the outstanding […]

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September 12, 2011

Harrell’s Opens New Warehouse In Illinois

Harrell’s, a manufacturer and supplier of ornamental products, has opened a new warehouse in Lombard, Ill.  The warehouse is centrally located to improve delivery and customer service to Illinois and Southern Wisconsin customers. “With this new warehouse we can make sure our superintendent, landscape and sports turf customers have what they need, when they need it,” says Jack Harrell Jr., chairman and CEO. The new warehouse is stocking a complete line of fertilizers, seed and pesticides, as well as Harrell’s brand of wetting agents and liquid nutrition products. Learn more about Harrell’s online at Harrells.com.

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July 29, 2011

Masterblend Completes $2.6 Million Facility Expansion

Since its move in early 2010 to Morris, Ill., Masterblend International and its Tyler Enterprises Division have invested more than $2.6 million in facility and productivity improvements to streamline and expand fertilizer manufacturing and blending operations, as well as warehouse and office space. The previous location in Ellwood, Ill., which was comprised of several small, older buildings, was inefficient and limited the ability to expand. The new 55,000-square-foot facility brings marked increases in efficiency by hosting every aspect of the operation, including manufacturing, precision blending and packaging, as well as having warehouse space and office staff under one roof. The new location also boasts dedicated CSX rail service, a river terminal within five miles and easy access to major freeways. Investments in blending, packaging and bagging automation systems have also provided benefits by allowing for the ability to double previous production volumes and slash employee hands-on time. “We found that […]

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July 14, 2011

Everris Introduces New Osmocote Fertilizer

Everris, the company formerly knows as Scotts Professional, has developed Osmocote Bloom controlled-release fertilizer for bedding plants in small pots such as petunias, begonias and pelargoniums. Osmocote Bloom was designed to further improve the plant quality and provide plants with optimum nutrition throughout the crop cycle, retail and consumer phase. Everris recommends Osmocote Bloom as its product of choice for material in containers 4 inches and smaller and crops that typically need six to 12 weeks in the greenhouse. The Bloom prill is about one-fifth the size of a standard Osmocote prill. According to Everris, more prills per gram provides better uniformity in smaller containers, which improves plant growth. The smaller size promotes the even distribution of nutrition within and around the root zone to optimize plant utilization. Learn more about Everris and its Osmocote products online at Everris.com.

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July 14, 2011

Using Controlled-Release Fertilizers

There’s no question growers could be more efficient in their use of fertilizers in the greenhouse. Some fertilizer is lost as runoff while other fertilizer is used to feed plants when they don’t necessarily need it. Every grower’s goal should be to use fertilizer as efficiently and as effectively as possible to achieve high-quality growth. Fred Hulme, the director of technical services at Everris (formerly Scotts Professional), discussed ways growers could achieve this goal Tuesday in an educational session about using controlled-release fertilizers (CRFs) in the greenhouse. One key to using CRFs is to have good control of the greenhouse environment, particularly temperature. Some of the benefits of using CRFs include: – Easier application into the soil–The ability to vary the rate application in the same growing space for different crops–A slow, constant feeding–even when water cannot be applied–Reduced nutrient runoff–Post-production nutrition–Economics “I see big commercial growers converting over to […]

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June 15, 2011

Vermicompost: Breaking Down The Benefits

Mark Elzinga began researching worm compost four years ago. As owner of Elzinga & Hoeksema Greenhouses (E&H) in Portage and Kalamazoo, Mich., he was in the midst of revamping his facility and looking for more sustainable ways to cut the facility’s energy costs and reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides “I’m not a tree hugger,” says Elzinga, who oversees 1.4 million square feet of greenhouses. “I went into organics for the money.” Elzinga says it was around then that he discovered Worm Power, a vermicompost company based in Upstate New York that recently partnered with Harris Seeds to distribute its products. He ordered a few samples and then more. He’s now a fan, mixing up powerful tea–or vermi-espresso, as he likes to call it–which uses 10 percent vermicompost to water by volume. Elzinga touts the tea as the secret to keeping his organic plants growing strong. The mix is a […]

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May 27, 2011

Growth Products Names Tech Sales Rep

Goris B. Passchier, a 22-year veteran of the fertilizer industry, is Growth Products’ newest technical sales representative. Passchier joined Growth Products in April and is now providing technical advice and sales service to growers and turf managers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio, as well as Ontario. Passchier is excited about being with Growth Products and has long admired the company for its technological innovations and leadership in producing environmentally friendly yet highly effective products. Passchier has formulated, marketed and sold fertilizer to container and field nurseries from Florida to Minnesota. He has special interests in blueberry production, slow-release fertilizers for any crop, soilless media and the advantageous benefits of natural humates and organic ingredients. Additionally, he has owned his own distribution company for fertilizers in the agricultural and horticultural markets, and has worked for several specialty fertilizer companies. Passchier can be reached at 616-366-7842 or by email at gpasschier@growthproducts.com.

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May 26, 2011

Scotts Professional Group Gets New Name

Three months ago, Scotts Miracle Gro sold its professional division to Israel Chemicals (ICL). On Wednesday, the two companies unveiled their brand-new company name: Everris. Representing the term “ever rising,” the name Everris is symbolic of the new company’s commitment to enhance the technologies, products and services it offers to green industry professionals. In addition to its English meaning, the name also represents the French, Italian and Spanish terms for “green": “vert” and “verde.” Building upon the strengths of Scotts Professional and ICL, Everris will continue to develop plant nutrition brands and products, including Osmocote and Peters. “For years, we’ve helped growers and turf managers to design smarter nutritional programs and plant protection programs that often combine our unique technologies to feed plants exactly what they need, when they need it,” says Fred Bosch, Everris CEO. “Everris combines the technical expertise and resources of both Scotts and ICL, making us well […]

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