Kudos For Creativity

We’re happy to see the growing presence of merchandising companies at the California Pack Trials. Packaging has becoming increasingly important as plants compete for attention and discretionary dollars against other consumer goods. It also helps growers and retailers differentiate programs from each other instead of all carrying the same merchandise. Programs that engage consumers offer a competitive edge and help them stand out.

The two companies leading this effort are MasterTag and The John Henry Co. They’ve become so much more than tag companies, designing complete point-of-purchase programs coordinating tags, pots and signage to dress up benches and carts at retail. Some campaigns are linked to consumer-focused Web sites with more information and interaction.

MasterTag became an exhibitor at Pack Trials in 2005 with broker Henry F. Michell at Speedling’s facility in San Juan Bautista. That was the year the Gardening For Dummies branded program debuted and was immediately picked up by Wal-Mart for several seasons. The next year, a program tying in with the Weather Channel also was picked up by a major retailer.

The one that caught attention this year was Patio Pronto, which helps consumers piece together easy patio planters with a preplanted pot insert that fits into urns and planters. Other concepts were Mini-Scapes for small spaces, Colors of the Garden to organize varieties by color, Heat Loving Annuals to promote varieties that perform in heat and full sun, and Enchanted Night to promote an evening look with blue and white flowers. Best In Class promotes varieties that performed well in university trials.The snake-shaped tag for the Serpentine vinca was especially clever.

John Henry has had a strong presence at many Pack Trials locations but this was the first year it became an exhibitor at Greenheart Farms in Arroyo Grande, along with ITML, which produces the special Potcha pots. I had forgotten about the decades of experience John Henry has connecting with women through retail florists in the floral market. If a grower or retailer is interested in upscale containers, a division of the company, John Henry West, contracts production of metal, ceramic, glass and wooden containers in China. The floral merchandising strategies we saw with garden plants at the trials were really effective and would command a premium for a low input cost.

Exciting non-floral programs for garden plants included Renewal, a serene concept for early spring; Party To Patio, which provides easy entertaining tips on plant tags; the Savor Life program for herbs and vegetables with recipes; and Let Me Do It, which helps consumers put combinations together for sun or shade. Cart concepts for Kieft’s Revolution gerberas, Benary’s rudbeckias and Goldsmith’s EZ Combos also were well received.

At Greenheart, I congratulated Lisa Oliver from John Henry on a successful debut, and we talked about their great concepts and, regrettably, how they won’t go anywhere if growers and retailers aren’t interested in them. At the same time, she feels a sense of urgency to keep developing new programs and presenting them to growers and retailers at Pack Trials. “We have to do it, or they (consumers) are going to spend their money on nonplants,” she says.

We’re fortunate to be in an industry with products that are beautiful and can be creatively positioned to capture feelings and interests, make a fashion statement or simply provide solutions. Discretionary products, like ours, need to strike chords with consumers.

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Nearly $58 million as been allocated by the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to support the industry's Plant Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention Program, under Farm Bill Section 10007. The program will support mitigation efforts for specialty crops, including providing research and other funding to address plant pest and disease priorities for the specialty crop industry, including floriculture and nursery crops.

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7 New Options In Tags And Labels

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4 New Ways To Label Your Plants

Check out these new tags and labels to help you promote your products.

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How To Choose The Right Tag

The plant you carefully cultivated catches the eye of the consumer. If the plant itself hasn’t already made the sale, the consumer looks to the tag and wonders, “Should I buy this plant?” Are your plant tags closing the sale? Research shows that the unassuming plant tag can carry its weight in the sales process. But tag printing and marketing experts say you will have more success with your tags with a shift in your thinking: Tags are an informational and marketing tool for the consumer. “Growers have looked at tags as a necessary evil because, as an industry, we have produced grower tags not consumer tags,” says Rick Vulgamott, director of sales at John Henry. “Tags were always difficult for growers because they just did not want to deal with the process.” Bob Lovejoy, president of HIP Labels, agrees. “Too often, a tag is looked at from a cost […]

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Stover Manufacturing Enters The Horticulture Marketplac…

Stover Manufacturing, LLC is now offering a real-time plant tag solution to wholesale greenhouse/nursery growers and garden center retailers in the U.S. The primary product focus is an in-house turnkey roll label system comprised of a printer, software, label substrate, and print supplies. Stover Manufacturing was formed by three of the industry’s experts on horticulture identification in order to fulfill the particular demand and opportunities that roll labels have for growers and retailers. Stover Manufacturing’s leadership team is comprised of Gary Stover, Mike McClure, and Robert Grooms. Each has decades of experience in the roll label segment. “We have a unique business model with our dedicated approach to roll labels,” says President Robert Grooms. “Our turnkey system provides competitive edges for customers with flexibility, on-demand, cost efficiency, customization, and back up support and service. We’ve designed a one-stop, real-time tag solution.” The system’s advantage is its ability to be produced […]

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September 27, 2012

Tackling The Tag Room

Ed Overdevest is working toward a solution for a problem that is a thorn in the side of growers everywhere — thousands of dollars of unused plant tags sitting for years in the tag room. By implementing a plan that includes in-house printing for tags that take more than two years to use up and commercial printing for only high-turnover, high-volume plants, Overdevest is slowly whittling down his tag inventory as well as the carrying costs involved in storing many years’ worth of unused tags.     “The cost of in-house printing is pretty significant on a per-unit basis compared with a comparable tag printed commercially,” Overdevest says. “But when you factor in carrying costs, the money invested in tags just sitting there in inventory is pretty significant, and the waste we have in the case of tags that are obsolete is considerable. We also wrestle with relevance issues when tag style […]

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Nick Ferris

February 15, 2012

MasterTag Announces New Company President

MasterTag, a horticultural tag producer in Montague, Mich., announced the appointment of Nicholas P. Ferris to the role of President on February 1, 2012. Prior to joining MasterTag, Ferris was an executive with the leading supplier to the graphic arts industry. MasterTag CEO Rick Hughes expressed his excitement about adding Ferris to his management team: “Nick’s professional experience, knowledge and enthusiastic personality, coupled with his role as a trusted advisor to our company, made for an exceptional opportunity to strengthen our company management.” Ferris also spoke about his eagerness to join the company. “MasterTag has a rich history serving the horticultural market, with an energetic and committed organization.  I am honored to have the opportunity to serve and lead the company,” Ferris said. “There is tremendous institutional knowledge, and a deep intellectual property base at MasterTag. Our goal will be to leverage this content by providing customers with enhanced methods […]

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October 15, 2011

Perspective: Rick Vulgamott Of The John Henry Company

Greenhouse floriculture is largely an unchanging industry, but it’s one Rick Vulgamott argues must change. Vulgamott, who spent the bulk of his 25-plus-year career working for the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, has spent the last three years at the John Henry Company as its national director of sales. Greenhouse Grower recently caught up with Vulgamott to capture his thoughts on specific changes the industry must make and how John Henry is helping growers achieve these changes. GG: What keeps you up at night related to the greenhouse industry? RV: It could be a half dozen things. One, of course, is the economy. We always have to look at the economy as a factor in every aspect of our business. For years, horticulture was deemed recession proof. If the economy was bad, people stayed at home and worked in their yards. For years, we thought we were bulletproof, but the last few […]

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July 29, 2011

Innovative Adhesive For Label Developed

Badger Tag & Label Corporation has developed an adhesive that performs like a permanent hold but is still repositionable. The adhesive can be cleanly removed from numerous surfaces, including metals, plastics, glass and paper. In addition to offering good adhesion and clean, long-term removability from smooth surfaces, it also adheres to some more challenging surfaces like Teflon, textured PVC and corrugated material. Badger is currently using the adhesive combined with a white polyester synthetic base stock but could offer it with other synthetic or paper stocks. The polyester material can withstand somewhat oily surfaces and still adheres well. It also withstands temperatures up to about 200°F without distortion or leaving adhesive residue behind. For more information, visit BadgerTag.com.

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July 13, 2010

Snap Tags

Catering to consumers who want–and need–more information about plants to be successful, MasterTag highlighted its new series of Snap Tags at the show. The tags are perforated to allow the consumer to tear off and stick one part of the tag into the garden or container to identify the plant. The rest of the tag contains helpful planting and care information and is designed to be kept as a handy reference for the gardener throughout the season. Some versions of the tag even have a third tear-off piece, designed to be used as a coupon for instant savings at the checkout, or for a future purchase. MasterTag’s Little Gardener tags take the design one step further, using cartoon characters and graphics to engage children. The backs of the tags have kid-friendly information about the plants, as well as activities parents and kids can do together.

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July 13, 2010

John Henry Launching BloomIQ.com

The exciting news from the John Henry Company at OFA Short Course this year is a website it’s launching August 1 at BloomIQ.com. The website will provide ideas, tips and advice to consumers. John Henry is structuring the site on three pillars: collections, plants and reference. For collections, consumers can search for plants based on various categories like butterfly plants, deer-resistant plants and more. The idea is to introduce consumers to hundreds, if not thousands, of plants they currently don’t know about. The plants pillar gives the consumer the option to search for plants by color. Most consumers, of course, don’t know much about plants beyond which colors they like. So whether consumers are interested in oranges, purples, reds or yellows, they can search BloomIQ.com for their favorite color and be introduced to hundreds of colorful new plants for the first time. BloomIQ.com is particularly user friendly when searching for […]

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July 13, 2010

2-D Tags

3-D may be the biggest thing in the movie world this summer, but 2-D tags are definitely a hot new marketing technology at OFA Short Course. These square bar codes are popping up on plant tags and other marketing materials in several places throughout the show. 2-D tags are easily scanned by just about any smart phone and link the phone’s web browser to videos, fact sheets, and lots of other helpful information consumers may want or need about a product. John Henry, for example, has a new vegetable program incorporating the tag. Users scanning the bar code on the back of a vegetable or fruit plant tag are taken to AllRecipes.com for helpful preparation tips. MasterTag also had a display of the tags with links to planting and cooking instructions for vegetables and herbs.

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June 30, 2010

Online Only: A Solution For Last-Minute Labeling

Labeling has become a challenge in recent years, particularly for big box growers who have become more responsible for printing labels themselves. To meet the new demand, a few growers are turning to automation that pot manufacturers have primarily used: the Label Gator from Great Lakes Label. Label Gator is a complete line of automated barcode labeling equipment designed for greenhouse and nursery growers. It provides accurate label placement on a wide variety of growing containers, and key grower benefits are the elimination of pre-labeled pot inventories and less over-labeling. “We have all of the pot manufacturers using our equipment,” says Joe Gonnella, president of Great Lakes Label in Comstock Park, Mich. “The interesting thing about this product is when labeling requirements began to get more demanding, the pot makers stepped up to the plate and started pre-labeling pots. In terms of the volume, they are all using our equipment […]

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June 4, 2010

Try 2D Tagging Technology

In the shower. In the car. At the gym. At the bar. On a boat. On a date. In the greenhouse. Out of state. I could Dr. Seuss you to death with the number of places cell phone users are accessing Web information via their phones these days. Lost and need directions? Your phone will bail you out. On the road and in need of gas? The solution is at your fingertips. We’ve come to expect information instantly because of new technologies, and the expectation is no different for garden center customers. If consumers are seriously looking, for example, at petunias with a sign that merely lists their price and a few basic care tips, consumers are bound to have immediate questions and an urge for more information once they return home. Fortunately, 2D tag technologies like Microsoft Tags and QR (quick-response) codes are here and capable of serving as […]

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February 4, 2010

Special Tag Program For Pretty Much Picasso

Pleasant View Gardens has designed a tag program to help growers and retailers maximize the Proven Winners brand on hanging baskets of the new Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia. “Research shows that when you sell Proven Winners product in Proven Winners pots with the Proven Winners tag and POP, you sell five times as many plants,” says Pete Gilmore, Pleasant View Gardens’ national sales manager. “Our customers said, ‘Give us options.’ We gave them the tools to also quintuple sales in a hanging basket, because that’s where Pretty Much Picasso just shines. When our customers give us feedback, we really listen.” Gilmore says industry response to the tag program has been positive. “Customers appreciate having a choice,” he says. “They’re able to reduce tag waste by 100 percent, and for Pretty Much Picasso we’re seeing the hanging basket tag exchanged with stick stake tags at a 4-to-1 rate.” The tag program […]

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January 25, 2010

Need Labels Now?

Primera Technology recently unveiled its LX900 Color Label Printer. The LX900 is Primera’s fastest-ever inkjet color label printer. It produces labels at speeds of up to 4.5 inches per second–almost 17 times faster than Primera’s best-selling LX810 Color Label Printer. Separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow and black keep operating costs low because only one color at a time needs to be replaced. The semi-permanent print head utilizes all-new technology to produce razor-sharp text, brilliant graphics and photo-realistic printing on a dedicated short-run label printing device. “LX900 establishes a new industry standard for print speed, print quality and low operating costs,” says Mark Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We listened carefully to our users. They told us faster printing and separate ink tanks were the most important new features we could offer. At the same time, they weren’t willing to sacrifice the excellent print quality they […]

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October 19, 2009

John Henry Debuts Holiday Cachepot Collection

John Henry recently introduced its Envi Cachepot Collection to the industry just in time for the holidays. The collection is designed to fill the void between commodity pot wraps and costly containers. Cachepots combine striking graphics, a sophisticated silhouette and sustainable materials for holiday decorating, home décor or gifts. The Envi collection launches in four themes: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, home décor and everyday. Containers are available in two sizes–4 inch and 6 inch–and the collection includes coordinating tags, signage and enclosure cards. Visit JHC.com or call 866-448-8300 for more information.

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August 5, 2009

Easy & Convenient Labeling

The Primera CX1200 digital color label press prints colorful garden and nursery labels in a convenient roll-to-roll configuration. Digital full-color label printing has a wealth of significant benefits. But until now, digital label presses have been an expensive investment in both time and money. The industry needed a simpler, more cost-effective solution. CX1200 utilizes one of the fastest and highest-resolution color laser engines available. With its incredible 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution and 4800 Color Quality (2400 x 600 dpi), the labels you produce will be as good as–or even better than–labels produced on digital presses costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Colors are bright and vibrant. Text is sharp. Bar codes and graphics are of the highest quality. For more information on the CX1200, click here.

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July 30, 2009

John Henry Names Vulgamott Sales Director

Rick Vulgamott is the new director of sales at John Henry and will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s horticultural sales. That includes value-added horticultural products, supermarket and floral, as well as managing the company’s sales organization. Vulgamott has more than 25 years experience in the horticulture industry, including serving as the national director of sales for the Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. In his career, he has worked closely with the nation’s top growers, nurseries, breeders, mass markets and large independent garden centers.

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