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GrowIt! is the social community for all things plants with the goal of helping the industry by inspiring more people to grow more plants. They’ve also launched a couple other programs for the industry’s benefit including their Garden Shops program to help get garden centers in front of more consumers along with their Tours To-Go program for Botanical and Public Gardens designed to help gardens engage with more of their visitors. One of my favorite things about GrowIt! is the team behind it. Seth and Mason are NOT tech guys trying to learn horticulture and fit our industry into a predetermined digital framework. They’re hort guys with a passion for the industry and tech expertise learned after they determined a clear need and gap in our industry’s approach to end consumers. They understand the needs of grower, retailers and landscapers, as well as many other members of our professional industry and are working tirelessly to increase plant consumption – something that benefits us all. They’re also collecting tons and tons of data – and we all know data collection is the new gold rush and this knowledge is as valuable as gold.

From houseplants to irises, the data is telling. With more than 250,000 users under 35 years old, it’s fascinating to hear the trends in plants and colors. Seth and Mason do a good job of sharing some of the data they have learned from more than 500,000 community members and leaving us hungry for more. Your best bet for accessing the “a-has” we talked about is getting on the app ASAP. The link is below. As for getting specific data, Mason graciously offered his phone number and email address to connect and continue the conversation. Be sure to follow these guys on LinkedIn to see the insights they frequently post. Finally, if you are a retail garden center, sign up to become a GrowIt! Garden Shop for only $9.99/month or $1 if you contact Seth through the end of July 2018. All of the links you need are below.

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