The Right Nutrition: the Key to Personal and Plant Health

Joe Lara, BASF product manager
Joe Lara, BASF product manager

Let’s admit it. At some point in our lives most of us will wrestle with nutrition and weight management. Unfortunately, it becomes an issue because of an inconsistent regimen of diet and exercise.

We know that a sustainable approach is to adopt good, healthy lifestyle habits. As our metabolism changes, we need to adjust our nutritional intake and types of physical activities.

When it comes to meeting the nutritional needs of the wide range of ornamental plants, the challenge is exponentially greater. Fortunately, there is a world of knowledge, experience, and expertise available to growers from many industry sources.

In the area of plant nutrition, BASF offers one of the best-known micronutrient brands in its Sprint® chelated iron products. Sprint 138 iron chelate and Sprint 330 iron chelate prevent and correct iron deficiencies, which exhibit in plants as chlorosis.

These dry powder formulations are effective across a wide range of ornamental plant varieties, preventing stunted growth and the onset of chlorosis from iron deficiency. To optimize the efficacy of these products, ensure good foliar spray coverage, direct placements at the root zone, or incorporate dry into soil media. Follow with irrigation or time your applications to precede rainfall, and ensure thorough mixing and compatibility in spray solution combinations with other crop protection products and fertilizers.

Each of these BASF micronutrient products is designed to maximize plant performance in different soil types. Sprint 138 iron chelate is the strongest chelate available for challenging alkaline or calcareous soils, and produces superior results regardless of soil pH. In fact, this iron-chelated micronutrient is formulated to protect iron availability across all pH soils.

For slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soils, turn to Sprint 330 iron chelate, which delivers more efficient plant uptake. The result is long-lasting vibrant color for beautiful, market-ready plants. Be sure to check the pH levels of your soil, since Sprint 330 iron chelate performs best in soils with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5.
While you’re pushing the growth of your ornamental crops, make sure they are protected from the range of diseases and mite-insect pests that can accompany lush growth. Incorporate Pageant® Intrinsic® brand fungicide as a final spray for disease control and plant health benefits that will help your crops recover more quickly from the stressors of shipping and handling. This innovative fungicide delivers protection from a variety of foliar, stem and crown diseases.

To protect your growing crops from all life stages of spider mites, rely on Sultan® miticide for fast, powerful control and a long residual of up to 28 days. Sultan miticide works quickly, typically knocking down mites within three hours of contact. Expand your range of insect pest control with Pylon® miticide/insecticide, which delivers effective treatment for knockdown of Western flower thrips and chilli thrips in addition to broad-spectrum control of nymph and adult stages of mites.

BASF is pleased to bring you the accompanying articles about plant nutrition. We’re confident they will find a place in your library of helpful resources and elevate your horticulture skills in commercial ornamental production.

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