Preparing For Poinsettia and Chrysanthemum Crops

Q & A with Nufarm Expert Dave Etzler & Jim Crockett.

Q: What advice would you give on managing care of poinsettias and chrysanthemums?

A: Jim Crockett: The best growers know potential problems before they occur. They have scouts in the field and product in inventory to manage problems.
Dave Etzler: Start with a clean greenhouse environment to reduce the potential for disease development. A good practice before starting these sensitive crops would be to take time to clean the greenhouses they will be grown in.

Think about your strategies now?
Jim: Growers should be anticipating problems based on the temperature, light, humidity and other aspects of the greenhouse. A good plan is to keep meticulous records from previous years and plan off those records.
Dave: It is important to have a plan in place before the crops are started so you can anticipate potential problems. A suggestion would be to have a short meeting with growers and personnel to discuss the upcoming crops, as well as preventive and curative rotations for known problematic insects and diseases.

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