Megawatt™ Begonia: It’s Not Just Big, It’s MEGA!

Begonia Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf

The entire seed begonia market continues to boom, especially in Interspecific Begonias. The all-new Megawatt series from PanAmerican Seed® pushes this must-have class to a whole new level, with great timing, a unique color and more. Great for gardeners and landscapers, these standouts deliver huge vigor, color and last-ability.

Fresh, high-energy options
These bigger-than-life begonias deliver the ultimate garden power. Unique Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf is a first-of-its-kind color in Interspecific Begonias. Pink Bronze Leaf and partner Rose Bronze Leaf go to market faster to grab Spring sales…just when early-bird gardeners are clamoring for lots of color. The Megawatt Green Leaf begonias pump out extra vigor for bigger flower explosion.

MEGAsize, MEGAcolor
Striking, non-stop flowers keep the plants covered in high-voltage color from Spring through Fall…even in heat and drought. Sturdy stems hold flowers above the foliage for superior show versus other begonias. These easy-care, indestructible plants deliver big garden performance all season in landscapes, baskets, big tubs and borders, with no deadheading needed – perfect for the busy lifestyle of today’s consumer.

Lively in-store campaign
Not only do Megawatt plants show well on their own at retail, the series comes with bright and bold merchandising that will make some noise at retail. Bold, “in your face” pots and tags areBEG15-19619_AL_BrandedPot_WTag-1A available from preferred suppliers, while the FREE poster and benchcard get to work showing off Megawatt’s bigger-than-life potential.

All-season supply
With this introduction, PanAmerican Seed now offers a complete interspecific program, starting with BabyWing® for day-neutral growing…Megawatt for big Spring sales…and Dragon Wing® to round out the season. Seed and plugs for all three series are readily available from many distributors across North America.

More information on Megawatt plants, production tips and promotions can be found at, or call PanAmerican Seed at 630 231-1400.

Megawatt Rose Green Leaf Begonia Color Code: PAS Kieft 2017, Early Release Landscape, Seed 08.15 Santa Paula, Mark Widhalm BombardierRoseGreen02_02.JPG BEG15-19626.JPG
Begonia Megawatt Rose Green Leaf