Plug & Play™ Combos: All-New, All-Seed, All-Proven

NEW Fuseables Paradise Island
NEW Fuseables® Paradise Island: Kabloom™ Yellow, Rose & Denim Calibrachoas

PanAmerican Seed® raised the curtain on their Plug & Play™ combo program at the Cultivate’16 show to wide acclaim. This fresh and relevant collection is built upon internal and external testing in multiple regions. Trialing in saleable sizes begins at the PanAmerican Seed research greenhouses and in outdoor Summer containers. Then every potential introduction heads out to commercial greenhouses and to real-life gardens. The result is the assurance that every one of the 50-plus Plug & Play combos available today is proven to deliver unstoppable performance from bench to store to garden.

Good for growers: Easy, economical production
Each Plug & Play combo is created with best-in-class seed annuals and perennials from PanAmerican Seed and sister company, Kieft Seed™. Several of the recipes include known-by-name varieties like Wave® petunias, Kabloom™ calibrachoas and Sorbet® violas, plus assorted All-America Selections perennials. Thanks to the high-quality, cost-effective seed inputs and programmable finish times, growers are in complete control of when to sow, grow and ship to hit specific store set dates. Combo recipes and culture support complete the package.

Starship Scarlet Lobelia, Mesa Bright Bicolor Gaillardia and Sirocco Anemanthele
Tuscan Sun: Starship Scarlet Lobelia, Mesa™ Bright Bicolor Gaillardia and Sirocco Anemanthele

Good for retailers: Big retail shows = big sales
The Plug & Play lineup includes ready-to-use options that range from value priced to upscale designer blends, letting garden centers hit the full range of price point opportunities.

NEW Lovin' IT
NEW Lovin’ It: Easy Wave® Yellow, Easy Wave® Neon Rose and Combo Blue Petunias

Showcasing on-trend colors that sell, Plug & Play combos are the perfect magnet to attract repeat shoppers.

Good for today’s shopper: Easy, grab ’n go gardens in choices for Spring, Summer and Fall
There are balanced, attractive Plug & Play combos available to enhance every shopper’s décor – subtle monochromatics, seasonal favorites and eye-catching color groupings. The

NEW Lemon Dream
NEW Lemon Dream: Kabloom™ Yellow Calibrachoa, Easy Wave® Yellow Petunia and 21st Century White Phlox

common theme that runs across them all is lots of instant, long-lasting, multi-color blooms; easy garden care; and satisfying, season-long results.

PanAmerican Seed’s Plug & Play lineup includes Value, Better and Premium assortments grown from Fuseables® Precision Multi-Pellets, as well as a wide array of trialed and proven recipes for combos created with premium annuals, others with distinctive first-year-flowering perennials and a whole group of all-Wave petunia selections. Seed, plug and plant inputs for Plug & Play combos are available now from many suppliers. Find product assortment and growing information at