Bartlett Instrument Company Introduces The Vent Boss Power Supply

Vent Boss 3Bartlett Instrument Company has introduced its new Vent Boss, a 24VDC power supply designed to control two 5A motors for roll up and down walls.

The Vent Boss is a companion for 24VDC motors, providing time and labor savings for many growers. The 11x7x5-inch sealed unit offers a way to power and manually operate motors. The Bartlett RWL11X2 environmental controller can be added to enhance its capabilities for automation and take advantage of the DIF, DAY and NITE features of that unit. It is also compatible with other controllers.

For convenience, the Vent Boss has 5A resettable circuit breakers to protect each motor. A 3A circuit breaker protects the Vent Boss from power surges and shorts.

For more information, contact Steve Isaacson at or call 888-404-9026.

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