Container Centralen Adopts RFID System

Container Centralen Adopts RFID System

Shipping rack supplier Container Centralen (CC) is adopting an RFID system for tracking its equipment. The system’s rollout will include about 150 locations and 250,000 CC shipping racks that CC supplies to horticultural customers throughout North America.

CC’s RFID project spanned two years of preparation, which culminated in the selection of two highly accomplished and innovative RFID supplier-partners. Those partners are:

–Fluensee, Inc. will provide the asset tracking and visibility software to leverage RFID technology in optimizing the use of the tagged CC racks. Fluensee is also responsible for the solution implementation and support services.

–RF Code, Inc. will provide the active tags, readers and infrastructure necessary to enable CC’s rack tracking initiative.

Fluensee and RF Code have previously worked together on RFID implementations, and integration of their services and products is already well established.

“Our team is excited to be moving forward with this groundbreaking technology because our customers will gain added assurance that the system we provide to them accurately captures the movement of all CC equipment within the horticultural supply chain,” says Sonny Costin, president of CC. “This is important for optimizing customer use of CC equipment and creating opportunities for cost reduction.

Recognizing the fact many of CC’s customers are located in remote and rural locations, unique RFID readers have been developed. As an example, one of the readers is capable of operating from solar power, and it uses a 3G dial-up modem for Internet data transmission.

“Our RFID project has been developed to meet the real-world challenges presented by our customer base,” Costin says. “We are delighted that as we roll out the system, we will be providing our customers with one of the most sophisticated equipment tracking solutions ever implemented across an Industry supply chain.”

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