A Dose Of Precision

A Dose Of Precision

Seeking to improve chemical drenching applications, Dramm Corporation has redesigned its popular Chemdose precision drenching system.

The new Chemdose 2 system can be worn on the chest or mounted on a small cart for portability. The CD2 connects to the hose from your injector or sprayer (under 100 psi) and accurately measures the solution into even, selectable doses with the push of a button. Push another button and the Chemdose 2 will meter out those doses on a variable interval basis.

Utilizing the CD2’s digital controls, growers may select the amount of the dose, change the interval between automatic doses, count the doses made, set a maximum number of doses limit and even lock out the controls.

The previous units operated well but were limited by their tank size, power requirements and hose lengths. The CD2 Chemdose eliminates those limitations by functioning as a hose end unit. The CD2 can be connected to any source, like an injector or a hydraulic sprayer, and apply a correctly measured dose directly to the pot without concern for hose length or power.


  • Can be worn on the chest or mounted on a small cart for portability
  • Allows growers to select the dose amount, change intervals between automatic doses, count doses made and more.
  • Connects to the hose from an injector or spray to apply a correctly measured dose.

“Now what we’ve done is made it so it’s independent of any power source or cart and tank. (Growers) can hook it up to their injectors, so they don’t even need power,” says Kurt Becker, Director of Commercial Products for Dramm. “If they want, they can use a mechanical injector in the field and just use water power.”

The Chemdose 2 precision drenching system will be available to growers beginning Sept. 1. See it at trade shows throughout the season.

For more information visit www.dramm.com.

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