Amish Environmental Controls

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Amish growers operate without the luxury of electricity, but they could use a signal when their greenhouses are too hot or cold for their liking.

R&K Greenhouses, located in Fredericksburg, Ohio, has a unique environmental controls thermometer that’s battery operated and sounds a horn when the temperature is too hot or cold for the grower’s liking.

“We monitor greenhouse temperatures with battery-operated cordless indoor/outdoor thermometers and battery-operated alarms,” says Robert Hershberger, R&K Flowers.

Additionally, R&K moderates greenhouse temperatures with shutters on air thermostats and rollup sidewalls. R&K’s greenhouse space is just 6,720 square feet, but it also has four fans for cooling that turn because compressed air moves them.

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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