Automating Nutrition

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Automating Nutrition

The biggest trend I see for growers is the need to inject different fertilizer or different amounts of fertilizer to different crops, where and when they choose.
Today, plant material varieties vary widely in their fertilizer requirements. No longer is it practical to run the same fertilizer and fertilizer concentrations throughout the entire greenhouse range.

Looking to the future, growers will need dedicated fertilizer injectors for each crop so that they can have total flexibility to inject any fertilizer formulation, pesticide, plant growth regulator, etc., at will. All of this will be done through automated watering systems, thus eliminating watering errors and extra labor costs. Growers will continue to demand injectors that are highly accurate and reliable while also being easy to use and maintain. Companies that excel in customer service and offer advanced technology to obtain that service will become the leaders in this field.

Long gone will be the days of using a venturi system, such as Hozon or Syphonex, to apply fertilizers or pesticides. Growers will want a fertilizer injector that can consistently produce accurate results on all different types of plant material with both low cost of operation and reliability.

Lela Kelly is vice president of Dosatron International Inc.

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