Big-Time Bench Warmer

Big-Time Bench Warmer

The Roll-N-Grow mat for benches and mesh for floors are new products TrueLeaf Technologies unveiled at OFA Short Course earlier this month.

TrueLeaf developed the mat and mesh because many growers called the company over the last couple years asking for spot bottom heat. The Roll-N-Grow mat is made connecting tubing with holding rails that are spaced every 2 inches. Mats are ideal for most general greenhouse bench heating applications.

Mesh heating for floors are designed similarly. Tubes are woven directly into a weed mat fabric and shipped on a roll just like standard ground cover fabric. Tubing is woven in on 3-inch centers, which provide even heating for gently warming crops like bedding plants, perennials in flats or potted crops produced on the floor.

For more information on the warmers, click here.

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