Comment Of The Week: Overcoming Extended Drought

Can Texas growers survive this latest bout of drought? One worried nurseryman shares his thoughts on the impact extended drought could have on his business:

“If this drought proves to be an eight- to 10-year event as it was in the 1950s here in Texas, all bets are off in our nursery business. Consumers we talk to are worn out trying to water in their yards complying with water restrictions. Long-term weather predictions are that we may not get any significant rain for many more months. Fall sales? What fall? It’s still near 100°F here every day, just as it has been for months. Even cacti hate this weather!” –

If you’re a Texas grower, what impact do you expect drought to have on your business going forward? What steps are you taking to maintain relevancy in spite of the drought? Let us know in the comments section below.

And, in case you missed our story on the record Texas drought earlier this month, .

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