Complete Control

Complete Control

•  Bartlett Instrument Company’s RWL model is designed for natural ventilation houses and features a new algorithm to tighten temperature control while minimizing roof motion. The roof inches open in response to rising temperature, allowing an open roof without waiting for a large temperature swing. The natural ventilation controllers still feature DIF, day and night temperature settings as well as two heat, two vent, alarm and timer/mister outputs.






•  Dutch controls powerhouse Hoogendoorn Automation has begun offering its arsenal of controllers to the U.S. market, including the Economic computer, the Enviro controller and Growlab sensors for tight control
of crop conditions.





•  With six stages (including two for natural ventilation), greenhouse temperature and relative humidity level can be controlled with the TC7 controller, manufactured by Harnois Industries.





•  From ventilation and heating systems to curtains or sidewalls, the Hired-Hand Green Evolution 3000/3001 Control System gives the grower full control over the environment and can network wirelessly from to a home or office PC. Also available are add-on humidity sensor and separate thermostat options.

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