Controlling Environments

Controlling Environments

Argus Controls
The new Omni-Sensor for Argus Titan systems combines temperature, humidity, light and optional CO2 measurement in a single compact aspirated module. Suitable for use in a wide range of controlled environments, the Omni-Sensor features advanced electronics, high accuracy digital instrumentation, a convenient on-board display and a keypad for operator-entered field calibration adjustments.

Intellisenc & Tongdy Control Technology
Intellisenc and Tongdy have developed a range of CO2 controllers, from the most basic CO2 on-off units to full-feature models with complete growing environment monitoring and control. Controllers are available with light sensing and CO2, humidity and temperature control. Among the models offered is the F2000TSM-CO2 (pictured), which has six easy-to-read LEDs indicating CO2 level. It features a self-calibrating 0-2000 ppm range NDIR CO2 sensor, an on-off control output and LED set points preset from the factory.

Priva Technologies
The Priva NutriFlex, which is specially intended for dosing nutrients into irrigation water, has been redesigned. Applying the experience Priva has gained with tailor-made units, the new NutriFlex has a modular structure, is simple to expand and even more compact and reliable than before. Growers can easily add nutrients that plants require for optimum growth. The NutriFlex features up to 10 dosing channels for either fertilizer or pH control. It is also available as a stand-alone unit with integrated control or an integrated unit that can be remotely connected to an existing process computer.

Wadsworth Controls
Wadsworth’s 3 RPM VC-2000 drive unit for roof vents and roll-up side walls is 2.5 times faster than the original VC-2000. It has the power to lift open roof panels and raise long side walls. The unit also has Wadsworth’s torque override protection that stops the motor if binding or obstruction occurs.

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