Cool Pad

Cool Pad

VAL-CO recently introduced the PolAIR EZ-Cool water return trough and evaporative pad support system, which has the latest in evaporative pad cooling technology. This proprietary system uses a unique, raised, ribbed pad tray molded directly into the trough, which keeps the pad elevated above the drain holes, allowing for 100 percent drainage with no spill-over from the tray. The design of PolAIR EZ-Cool trough greatly reduces installation and maintenance time with its quick-connect coupler and full 8-inch cleanout at the end of the trough.

Features And Benefits

•  Unique combination of pad and trough allows for years of trouble-free use.
•  Quick connect coupler facilitates installation and provides flexibility for different length systems.
•  Optional on-ground storage with minimum set-up time.
•  New, easy-access top metal cover reduces service and maintenance time and directs all of the water onto the pad.
•  Self-contained holding tank keeps foreign material out.
•  Eliminates the need for metal troughs with liners and metal pad support trays.

The PolAIR evaporative pad cooling system is a complete system available in two models: Extended, which allows for the pad material to be offset from the wall by 10 inches, and Flush, for direct installation onto the wall.

To help get the air to flow through your house consistently and evenly, VAL-CO also manufactures a complete line of fans to best suit growers’ specific applications. For more information, visit www.valcogreen

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