Coverings And Films: A Few New Options

Coverings And Films: A Few New Options


The new FieldPro high tunnel (pictured) has been designed with the specialty crop grower in mind. Durable roof poly and roll-up sides will provide an environment that extends the growing season, protects crops and increases yields and profits. It is available in three standard widths and two roof styles.

Another recent introduction from Poly-Tex is the Expansion Mansion (below), a sturdy and versatile growing structure. It is easily expandable and can be upgraded with a variety of ventilation and mechanical system options. Its traditional arch design can be fitted with double poly film or polycarbonate sheeting. It can be constructed as a freestanding or gutter-connected greenhouse.

Co-Ex Corporation
Polisnake is a new style of multi-walled sheet that is minimal in weight, offers high-load resistance and excellent light transmission. Due to unique reflection and refraction characteristics of the Polisnake sheeting, light transmission does not decrease but actually intensifies. Each distinctive channel traps air, creating an excellent thermal barrier from the exterior side of the sheet to the interior side.

Amerilux International
The Lexan Softlite Thermoclear Plus multi-wall sheet and the Lexan Softlite Corrugated polycarbonate sheet offer 100 percent light diffusion. The corrugated sheets have 85 percent light transmission and the multi-wall sheets have 79 percent light transmission. The light diffusion prevents plants from burning and scatters light deep into the canopy, resulting in high crop yields.

Sun Master Films
In June, Lumite and the Plastika Kritis Film Group will introduce a 32-foot tube in its Sun Master IV product. This new-sized tube will be among the largest size of greenhouse film available in the North American horticultural market. Any grower who uses two 32-foot sheets to double cover their structure is a candidate for this new U-folded tube.

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