Easy Control

Easy Control

Link4’s iControl is a PC-based program designed to monitor and control up to 16 zones of iGrow1400 controllers. With a very simple layout and clearly defined buttons, it’s designed to make everything from changing setpoints, viewing historical graphs and data, adjusting equipment settings and all other controls a breeze. Unlike some systems that require a PC to be running at all times, iControl simply changes settings on your iGrow1400. The benefit of this design is that each iGrow1400 works independently, making the iGrow/iControl combination an extremely robust, flexible and easy-to-use system.

“From the beginning, we’ve really focused on making greenhouse controls easy for our customers,” says Dan Thompson, vice president at Link4. “iControl and Smart Cool are right in step with that philosophy.”


- Lower energy costs and better temperature control with “Smart Cool”
–Less wear and tear on vents rack and pinion mechanism with “Smart Cool”
–No need for a separate irrigation controller and saves water
–Equipment staging is programmed rather than hard wired
–Four setpoint time periods with independent ramping control save energy
–Three different modes for humidity control, protects crops and saves on spraying
–Each iGrow can be expanded allowing for up to 48 outputs in a zone
–Each unit can control up to five microzones in addition to main zone
–iGrows can be networked
–Intelligent temperature failure recovery mode protects crops
–Digital temperature and humidity sensor with self testing is reliable and drift free
–Host software allows for easy access to each iGrow on network
–Unique mechanical design for lower installation costs and fewer mistakes
–Built-in interlock jumpers for reversing motors–no need for separate interlock relays

- Simple-to-use interface
–Complete Monitoring and Control of up to 16 zones
–Distributed system means iGrows operate independently when iControl is not open
–Changes made in iControl are immediately transmitted to the iGrow–changes made at the iGrow are immediately transmitted to iControl

Another notable new item from Link4 is the Smart Cool feature found on the iGrow1400. Understanding that every greenhouse absorbs, retains, and releases energy differently, the Smart Cool feature allows you to optimize the iGrow1400 for you unique conditions. Yen Pham, Link4’s president notes that “Smart Cool is a new control strategy that is a significant breakthrough for maintaining even greenhouse temperatures, while minimizing equipment on and off times.”

A Link4 customer, Jorge Ayala of Armstrong Growers is impressed with the iGrow 1400’s ease of use.

“We are very happy with the iGrow 1400s,” he says. “They are easy to use and have worked perfectly since we put them in over two years ago. They really save us time by not needing the regular adjustments that our other controllers do.”

Link4’s iGrow 1400 represents the latest in state-of the-art greenhouse environmental automation. Link4 has designed a smart, easy-to-use, flexible and competitively priced greenhouse controller. With it you can easily integrate and control virtually every piece of equipment in your greenhouse, giving you powerful control of the heating, cooling, shading, venting, humidity, CO², lighting, misting and irrigation. All of these functions are integrated into one system.

The iGrow 1400 has 12 relay outputs, plus two alarm outputs. With its expansion units, it can support up to 48 outputs per zone. Additionally, each iGrow 1400 is a stand-alone unit that can be networked for multi-zone capability. By adding the optional iControl host computer software, a grower can monitor and make changes to their iGrows from virtually any place in the world. A wireless connection to the host PC also is available.

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