FLS External Shade And Harmony Screens From Ludvig Svensson Inc.

Svensson’s FLS external shade

Svensson’s FLS external shade is made with highly reflective white films. This shade is made to reflect light and heat and offer daytime shade. Studies show 30 percent less heat is transmitted into greenhouses with FLS than black shade cloth at 60 percent. This protects plants from the stress of too much sun, but still lets light through for excellent plant conditions and energy savings.

Another new product is Svensson’s solar reflection Harmony screens, available in both open and closed structure designs integrating Svensson’s white strips.

Testing at a greenhouse in Spain clearly showed Harmony F’s open structure design offers high-grade diffusion for greater light delivery into the canopy. The results: excellent cooling, improved plant quality and shortened production. The Harmony XLS family, with its closed structure design, delivers all the cooling and light diffusion benefits plus the power for energy savings, helping growers manage rising heat costs and overall production expenses.

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