Futera Fusion and Infinite Energy Boilers From Delta T Solutions

Futera Fusion boilers From Delta T Solutions

Two top new products this year are the Futera Fusion and Infinite Energy (wall-hung) stainless steel condensing hot water boilers. BTUH output sizes range from 199 MBH to 399 MBH for the Infinite and 500 to 1999 MBH for the Fusion.

It will help growers save on fuel expenses. These condensing units at full output reach 97.3 percent and 99 percent efficiencies, as opposed to standard atmospheric boilers, which are commonly 80 to 83 percent efficient. Growers can save 30 to 40 percent by upgrading to these types of boilers, especially combining the boilers with a Delta T Solutions-designed radiation product/system.

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