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Get Equipped

Automatic Pick-Up


The JAVO Compact is a linear robot which, among other things, is suitable for completely automatic pick-up and placing of high and top-heavy potted plants and/or the accurate placing of plants into a plant carrier. The revolutionary and patented underneath return principle is the base of a very reliable function. High capacity (up to 600 strokes per hour) takes care of the efficiency.

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Steady Flow 

Rapid Automated Systems:

By mechanizing your sticking crew, you can get a substantial increase in productivity. Built from aluminum, steel and stainless steel, this sticking line will provide a steady flow of material to your crew. It is available in 8, 16 and 24 station models and can be integrated with your filler or Ellegard machine.

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Versatile Dibbler 


The new Blackmore Dribbler with Wiper prepares Ellepots for sticking, dibbling or drilling. Different heads make small holes for cuttings, larger holes for transplanting from smaller trays, including Punch ‘n Gro trays, or oversized holes to accommodate Ellepots for larger Step-Up sizes, such as the 162 or 105. The wiper attachment clears excess soil after drilling.

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Filler Up 


The Mayer 2018 universal filler is a simple, easy-to-operate filler for single container filling and is easily adaptable to other applications. While the machine feeds the mix as needed, one or two people placing a container below the mix delivery can fill pots or plant bare root material and handle similar jobs. For larger containers or higher volume, the hopper capacity can be extended. Other options are car-sized tires, a sturdy frame and a hitch that allows easy maneuvering in the field.

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Modular Versatility 

Bouldin & Lawson:

The new SBC PRO slider bed conveyor from Bouldin & Lawson has a modular design that lets the customer choose between several options and allows for easy expansion of lengths. With options of fully assembled or as a ready-to-build kit, the SBC PRO has the same high quality, but with a lower price.

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Speed & Consistency 


From plug trays to patio planters, the KV-L filler from AgriNomix offers speed and consistency while minimizing floor space usage. Superior soil return capacity is achieved with two soil return augers and a large, powered roller outfeed area. Easy-to-use, single-hand adjustments enable quick changeovers from one container to the next.

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Patented Technology 

Cherry Creek Systems:

Cherry Creek’s patented Echo Veyor cable-driven transport system easily moves product in and out of the greenhouse, reducing labor and increasing productivity. Each system is custom-designed for the individual needs of each operation. It was designed to support multiple tray types and pot sizes.

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Kase Machine Works:

The Kase Main-Line Filling machine was grower-designed to meet the need of growers who require high production filling for media normally used in pot or flat filling. It fills a variety of containers, including flats or shuttle trays up to 22 inches wide and large containers. Production rate is variable but can exceed other machines.

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