Greenhouse Cooling, Ventilating & Shading

Greenhouse Cooling, Ventilating & Shading

The improved Poly-Vent natural ventilation system from Poly-Tex is an alternative to rack-and-pinion vents and rollup curtain systems. The new frame has improved water drainage and is designed to be mounted to most greenhouse sidewalls without modification. Poly-Vent operates using only small blowers that can be thermostatically controlled. Single-stage allows growers to fully open or close off their ventilation while two-stage gives them the ability to select different temperatures at which the top and bottom will open or close.

Combined with aluminum-wall housing, an aluminum shutter and a vinyl-coated wire guard, AL aluminum fans from American Coolair provide years of service. The aluminum blades of fans are bolted to a cast aluminum hub, which also serves as the fan pulley. Power is applied through V-belts directly to the propeller with the blade load concentrated directly over the fan bearings, eliminating overhung bearing load. It is available with single- or two-speed enclosed motors.

PolAIR high-pressure fog systems from Val-Co are custom designed for a grower’s particular application. Systems are installed with little or no structural modification. Find out more at 419-678-8731.

Schaefer’s galvanized slant wall exhaust fans are designed to exhaust large volumes of air at high efficiency in greenhouses, where long life and efficient air movement matter. All fans ship fully assembled and have self-adjusting belt tensioners and aluminum shutters. Schaefer’s slant wall fans have a two-year limited warranty and are made in the United States.

The 18-inch Quietcool portable evaporative cooler from Quietaire is ideal for cooling hobby houses, retail spaces, potting stations and work areas. The cooler can also cool your greenhouse up to 26 degrees cooler for pennies a day. Find out more at 866-228-9421.

Rollup/lockdown curtains from Advancing Alternatives allow growers to save money with natural ventilation. Automated rollup sides can be installed in any style greenhouse, saving energy by reducing cooling costs and eliminating fans. Advancing Alternatives’ unique Roll-Lock allows growers to reduce expensive heat loss in the winter and extend their growing season.

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