Netafim Introduces New Saddle Meters

Netafim Introduces New Saddle Meters

Every irrigation system needs water and fertilizer delivered at the right time and in the right amounts, and metering is the only way to make sure water and fertilizer are delivered accurately.

Enter Netafim USA’s new line of saddle meters. Their unique double magnetic transmission design allows meters to handle high loads of sand because only the impeller is in contact with the water. Repelling magnets enable accurate measurement across a wide range of flow rates, from very high to very low, while maintaining superior accuracy even after many years of operation.

A three-year warranty begins from the date of installation. Other features of Netafim’s saddle meters are:

- Accuracy of +/-2 percent without adding costly overrun bearings
–Corrosion-resistant stainless steel saddle and bearings for long life
–Programmable digital register for multiple pipe sizes/wall thickness
–Dry pulse output for reliable communication

For more information about saddle meters or other products from Netafim USA, click here.

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