New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Everywhere Fungicide


Pageant fungicide is labeled for use in nursery, greenhouse and landscape sites. It features a combination of new active ingredient boscalid with pyraclostrobin, giving growers one of the industry’s broadest spectrum foliar fungicides.

New Plug Tray

Blackmore Company:

The latest addition to the Blackmore line of plug trays is the 242. Fluted cell walls are extra strong and act as a conduit for providing more oxygen to the root zone. The tray also features an oversized 3⁄8 inch diameter drain hole, angled ramp and 5⁄8 inch lip for rigidity.

Easy Seeding

Seed E-Z Seeder:

The E-Z Seeder is a plug popper that takes better care of plugs while taking all the work out of dislodging them. It can be operated by placing the rooted plugs over pegged dislodger, sliding handled rods through the plug tray and placing depressor over rods and pushing down. The E-Z Seeder seeds 120-300 flats per hour.

Corrosion Avoidance

Industrial Nanotech:

Nansulate is Industrial Nanotech’s patented product line of specialty coatings containing a nanotechnology-based material that is documented to provide thermal insulation and chemical resistance, prevent corrosion, resist mold and encapsulate lead. Nansulate coatings save energy with no detriment to plant growth in commercial agricultural greenhouse applications.

Cool Container

ITML Horticultural Products:

The 400 Elite Pot is a blow-molded container for larger perennials and annuals with ribbed sides for added strength. Strong rims have been incorporated into the design for easy denesting and handling in both automated and manual potting systems. Available in black, the 400 Elite Pot is equipped with side drainage to prevent overwatering.

Staying In Control


The 2Wire Universal Decoder Module converts any commercial irrigation controller to two-wire operation. The module can be mounted internally inside an existing controller or externally in a separate enclosure placed anywhere along the two-wire path, up to 3,000 feet from the controller. Designed for mid- to large-sized irrigation sites, the system controls up to 63 stations.

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