New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Knocking Out Mites

Arysta LifeScience:

Shuttle 15 SC miticide is now EPA-labeled for broad spectrum control of citrus and European red mites, Texas citrus mites and all species of spider mites. Shuttle 15 SC contains the active ingredient acequinocyl, and it has demonstrated rapid knockdown of mites, acting on all life stages. 


Dependable Injection


The CP33 chemical injector is a revolutionary, adjustable, non-electric water-driven injector ideally suited for nursery and greenhouse use and water chlorination. The CP33 precisely injects liquid fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, biologicals and growth regulators. It provides an accurate injection, and it’s backed by warranty.


Clean-Burning Boiler 

Greenwood Technologies:

The Greenwood Aspen Series outdoor wood-fired furnace has been designated as a qualified, low-emission wood boiler by EPA. The Aspen emits 8.4 grams of wood smoke emissions per hour compared to the more than 70 grams per hour produced by traditional wood boilers. Another Aspen wood boiler, the Greenwood Furnace, was EPA approved in April.


Cultivating Wirelessly


The flat roof, designed to provide maximum exposure to the outdoors while providing essential cover, encourages the benefits of natural ventilation and light. It provides a refuge from wind, sun and less-than-desirable temperatures. Ideal for crops tolerant of rain and snow, the flat roof uses aluminized cloth to aid in heat retention during cooler months.


For All Seasons


New this year from Poly-Tex is the PT-30, which can be used as a seasonal cold frame. It is, however, also heavy duty enough to be used as an inexpensive, year-round growing structure. The PT-30 can be ordered frame only or as a complete package with heavy-duty trusses, end frames, doors and poly covering.



Water & Fertilizer 


Using an online form, growers can access the rate calculator choosing Peters Professional or Peters Excel fertilizer, enter a specific injector ratio and select a preferred ppm of nitrogen. The rate calculator takes this data and uses it to determine the number of ounces of fertilizer to mix per gallon of water to match the pre-specified nitrogen ppm.

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