New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Going Solo

SOLO, Inc.:

There is no noise, no emission and no need to fill with fuel or manually prime a pump with the new SOLO backpack battery pressure sprayer model 416. The sprayer is powered by a rechargeable, maintenance-free and easily replaceable impact-resistant 12-volt lead-gel battery and produces an impressive spray performance with a 12-volt pump and large five-gallon tank capacity. The unit has wide, padded carrying straps for added comfort and an unbreakable 20-inch-long spray wand and 59-inch-long spray hose for effortless arm movement. It also features adjustable pressure and output volume with a two-step toggle switch–22psi at step one, 40psi at step two.

Concise Control

Fine Americas, Inc.:

Growers looking to produce better ornamental crops now have a new product available with the introduction of Concise plant growth regulator from Fine. Concise produces compact and marketable plants across a broad range of ornamentals, including bedding plants, flowering- and foliage-potted plants, bulb crops, as well as herbaceous and woody perennials. Even many previously hard-to-control crops can be improved with Concise. It provides longer lasting results, including richer colors, improved leaf thickness, stronger stems, increased stress tolerance and increased flower size and count.

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