New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

GSI Horticultural:

Plant Protection

Moisturin is the newest concept in total plant protection. It is now available from GSI Horticultural of Bend, Ore. When sprayed on plants, Moisturin dries to a clear, flexible film that is so effective it blocks out insects and disease, while locking in plant moisture during stress from shipping, transplanting and extreme weather.


Innovative Design

A winner of the Irrigation Association’s new product contest, the Metamix water-to-water injector was praised for its simple but innovative design, which judges identified as portable, easy to use and easy to maintain. The injector requires no energy other than what it obtains from water flow. Users can hook the injector to a computer system to electronically regulate the flow of fertilizer or other liquids in irrigation.

EZ Shipper Racks:

Top Shelf Quality

The Quarter Pallet Display offers steel construction with a 900 lb. cap. It is easy to assemble, with no fasteners and includes adjustable shelves. It’s versatile, used for both shipping and merchandising. The racks are also designed to hold heavy, odd-shaped products, including bagged and bottled lawn chemicals and tools. Full racks are easy to move and make for rapid truck loading and unloading, in addition to maximizing cube in trucks. Strong and durable, they reduce potential for product damage during shipping.

Growers Supply:

Tiering Up

The multi-tiered cedar bench unit from Growers Supply provides an attractive way to grow and display plants and flowers. Ideal for decks, patios, greenhouses and garden areas, it is constructed from high quality, durable cedar wood. Four coated metal wire mesh shelves allow for good water drainage and maximum air circulation. Simple assembly is required.

Spectrum Technologies, Inc.:

Passing The Test

The analog soil compaction tester from Spectrum Technologies can be a first line of defense against unseen soil compaction that can limit root growth and water and nutrient absorption. An easy-to-read display and a durable design make the meter ideal for in-field use. It features a stainless steel rod with depth marks of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 inches.

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