New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Super Sprayer 

Chemilizer Products:

The C3P Chest Pak Sprayer is the ideal alternative to cumbersome backpacks and other portable chemical spraying systems. The C3P accurately mixes chemicals and water as you use it with its patented chemical turbulator. The C3P is designed for accurate, reliable injection of a broad range of chemicals and often eliminates the need to dilute and premix chemicals. The C3P has been ergonomically designed with frontal access for ease of use and better weight management. It reduces fatigue, is easy to maneuver and allows changing from one chemical to another quickly and easily.


No Clogs 

Miller-Leaman, Inc.:

Patented stainless-steel Thompson Filters prevent sprinkler nozzles and micro-drip emitters from clogging in various irrigation applications. Available in Type 304 and Type 316 stainless steel, the efficient filters feature a large conical screen element, offering substantially more screen surface area versus traditional Y-strainers and basket strainers. The filters are available with a variety of screen mesh options, ranging from large perforated hole-openings down to approximately 60-micron. 


Convenient Cart 


The FertiCart is now available in a model that fits Dosmatic injectors. Originally available for the Dosatron Injectors only, the New FC20-DM FertiCart is plumbed to fit the A 30 injector. Utilizing the popular 20-gallon MSO cart and tank, the Portable Injector Cart makes fertilizing and drenching easy. With low connection points to prevent tipping, a check valve and filter, injecting chemicals and fertilizers in the greenhouse is an easier task. Made from steel with a dipped plastic coating and a plastic mounting board, the Portable Injector Cart is made to stand up to harsh, corrosive chemicals.

Reap The Benefits 

The Scotts Company:

Scotts has expanded its portfolio of plant protection products with the addition of Benefit, an Imidacloprid insecticide. Benefit 60 WP will be packaged in a resealable pouch containing five 20-gram water-soluble bags. Labeled for broad-spectrum use in greenhouse, nursery and plant interiorscape applications, Benefit’s systemic activity lasts up to 12 weeks, and it may be applied as a spray, drench, injection or through irrigation systems. It is also fully supported by technical assistance through Scotts’ national network of territory managers and technical service managers.


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