New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Like A Pro

Mitchell Ellis Products:

Pro-Wet is a unique, granular form wetting agent manufactured by RichGro Products and available through Mitchell Ellis. Crushed fossilized sponge, also used for soaking up oil spills, is excellent as a carrier for the wetting agent. The fossilized sponge has a broader deposit release time compared to liquid wetting agents, which on average leach out in 30 days. It is available in an aquatic-friendly package, which has a low measure of toxicity.

Biodegradable Herbicide

Soil Technologies Corp.:

Phydura is a broad-spectrum contact herbicide that utilizes clove oil and vinegar as active ingredients. Phydura is a non-selective spray application that is exempt from EPA registration and has no re-entry interval. Weeds controlled include both grasses and broadleaf weeds in landscape, nursery, greenhouse and garden settings. In general, treated weeds are eradicated within 24 hours of treatment. Weeds that are in an early stage of development are especially susceptible to Phydura treatment and are often eradicated with just one application. Phydura is 100 percent biodegradable and has a pleasant scent.

Tough Technology

Loveland Products, Inc. (United Agri Products):

Makaze herbicide has received federal registration and will be available for use in the 2007 crop season. A breakthrough in proprietary technology, Makaze is a glyphosate that works on hard-to-control weeds in the toughest of environmental conditions. Formulated with Leci-Tech technology, this unique and proprietary formulation has excellent crop safety and will consistently perform. Makaze offers increased herbicide uptake and improved performance on tough weeds.

Water Conservation


The Irrigation Moisture Switch IL200-MS easily controls irrigation by an accurate measurement of soil moisture. Irrigation is scheduled only when water is needed, which helps to reduce water bills. The SM200 moisture sensor is buried in the root zone where water is needed. The switch regulates water applied by continuously monitoring the soil conditions at the sensor and interrupts the controller schedule when enough water reaches the plant roots. The SM200 sensor requires no maintenance and is consistently accurate by factory calibration for all common soil types.

Grow And Go

New Dimension Industries:

Grow-N-Go II is a hydroponic growth media that is a specifically designed with a urethane material to provide the correct balance of air and moisture distribution. Grow-N-Go II was developed to support the healthy and productive plant growth and stability that growers seek in their horticultural applications. It also provides several performance advantages for applications where rapid growth and specific shipping requirements are necessary. As a recyclable material, Grow-N-Go II is safe in landfill systems and has no fibers as part of the urethane matrix.

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