New Product Showcase: Keep Shipments Moving

New Product Showcase: Keep Shipments Moving

Rising fuel prices and shrinking freight capacity have recently combined forces, creating a “double-whammy” that is drastically increasing the cost of transportation and distribution for most growers. It is no surprise that an increasing number of growers now embrace the latest advances in logistical technology, like the InMotion Global© Transportation Management System, to achieve immediate and long-term cost savings.

It’s not easy for growers to pass along escalating costs, which force them to search for new tools and partners to increase productivity and reduce overhead in every aspect of their businesses. Given the size, scope and complexity of these enterprises, most growers cannot afford to search for new cost efficiencies while conducting day-to-day business.

InMotion Global (IMG) was specifically designed “for growers by growers.” From load inception through final delivery, IMG includes hundreds of industry-specific features that centralize and streamline the entire transportation process. Utilizing the “Software-as-a-Service” model, IMG is a Web-based, hosted solution that requires no software or hardware installation.

IMG can be implemented in under an hour, and users can log in directly through their Internet browser to start using it immediately. IMG also includes its own companion Web-based portal, LoadLink©, giving growers the power to provide their customers, carriers, sales team and merchandising staff with real-time access to information about their orders.

IMG supports unlimited users and locations without licensing fees or hidden costs, allowing growers to provide access to as many users as needed around the world. Management reports and dashboard screens provide real-time, overhead views of your entire transportation operation, while the functional screens offer a user-specific view of only the information required for a particular job or location.

InMotion Global clients report savings of 11 percent to 17 percent or more on their transportation cost from day one, which translates to an average savings of $272 per load shipped.  And because InMotion Global completes 100 percent of the distribution “paperwork” electronically, it is a critical component of any “green” initiative.

“InMotion Global has transformed our distribution and transportation efforts. It is a very user-friendly transportation management system and the transportation staff found it very easy to learn,” Don Ray says. Ray is the senior director of distribution at Hines Horticulture. “The system allows us to reduce costs by selecting the most cost-effective carriers in the market, giving real-time access to information for all of our staff wherever they are. This unified view of our distribution efforts means we save money and can provide a superior delivery experience for our clients, who also use it to track every delivery online. InMotion Global is much more than we expected. It has made my life a lot easier, increased productivity and saved us money.”

InMotion Global is also connected to the Interstate Transport, Inc. Freight Management Center, providing you with easy access to carriers and freight lifecycle management. Manage the business of providing carrier advances, settlement and rating them on their performance or have Interstate Transport do it for you with one click of a button.

Because InMotion Global is a software-as-a-service application, enhancements and upgrades are continually scheduled and performed with no downtime and nothing to install.

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